“Franken Stang” – A Mustang Creation Without Restrictions!

Billy Abston, is a true Mustang enthusiast who owns the awesome BOSS 302 Gotta Have It Green 2013. Billy tried to popularize and promote his very own Franken Stang on the spot in order to make a win on the Ride of the Week. It`s a type of a competition where other people, also members rate you with Hot or the undesirable NOT. Finally, he won the honor of Ride of the Week after a long battle.


Billy, as you may imagine was feeling awesome and proud. But a week later as he took his “lady” for a ride, he suffered a tragic accident. His baby was completely wrecked. Luckily, Billy passed just with a broken jaw.



The founder of RateMyRidez.com, AJ, soon after the accident was informed about the tragic outcome of events. Soon was fully aware of the disastrous accident that happened and used the website in order to inform the whole community of Abston`s terrible outcome of events.  Soon after, he became the sponsor of Billy`s new ride.

AJ and Billy worked on an idea for a ride in need of sponsorship and made an arrival at the Franken Stang. Their plans were to make the most epic ride ever!

Finally, check out this barn find 302 Boss!