Dodge vs Ford! Place Your BETS & ENJOY The DIESEL POWER!

I`m sure that some of you have recognized right away the Prodigy`s lyrics when you have read the title, which we have borrowed in order to describe the following video clip more authentically, in which the legendary truck rivalry between Ford and Dodge, the Dodge vs Ford saga is taking place. Because here we have three diesel monsters, battling each other and making some insanely cool snow donuts, in a way that you do not have a chance to see that often.

This `hot battle` between those awesome, powerful and mighty trucks, 2011 Ford F-350, 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 and what it looks like a GMC Duramax, is happening in a place where there is most definitely no shortage of snow. So their owners had come up with a pretty original idea of pulling battle, by chaining those monsters hard on the rear. With powerful motors under the hood which are generating 600 HP each, I do not think that they could have come up with a better plan to have a great time.

Even though the battle is pretty intense, it appears as if that great Ford F-350 is overpowering the Dodge Ram 3500, and later on when Dodge and Duramax start their own battle, things take on a different course. Anyway, check out the Dodge vs Ford tug of war!