Ford Mustang RT Dream Drive!

In the interview with Rod C. for, he told about his experience in driving the RTR Spec2. As he said, he had the honor of driving this vehicle at the Irwindale event. Not all the participants were allowed to drive it, but the RTR sure attracted the attention of all people attending the show.

Except from Rod, who drove one of the very few production models, Larry had the honor of driving the prototype. When we arrived Larry talked about his first impressions of the car, and he said that he was not expecting to drive this car around Times Square, but it happened. He also said that passengers took the opportunity when the car was stopped to a red light to take picture of the vehicle. However, Larry said that even though the car is in the category of fast cars and is not very easy to drive, but shifting was not causing difficulties. Due to its great amount of torque, the car can be constantly driven in sixth gear.

There are two versions of this vehicle, Spec1 and Spec2. Both Larry and Rod rode the Spec2. Since this Spec 2 has great equipment including adjustable suspension, we asked the drivers what was the feeling they had when driving the car. Rod said that he was feeling great and that even though the car is rather heavy, he did not notice that while driving. He felt like getting the whole package. As for Larry, he is also satisfied with the ride, but since he is a rather tiny man he had problems of sliding in the seat.

On the question what would they change about the car, we got an answer from Rod. He quickly and with determination said that he would change the steering wheel. According to him, it should have been made with more quality and attention since it is the item with which the driver contacts the most.

Ford Mustang RT Dream Drive