Ford GT Crash in a Private Property!

ford gt crash 5

Some time ago we had a very unusual experience. We witnessed a Ford GT crashing in a private property. Luckily, the driver was fine and unhurt, but we cannot guarantee that he will feel comfortable when he sees these pictures on the Internet. We do not know for sure what caused this accident, but we can make some assumptions. Probably it is a matter of maladjusted speed, maybe there was some dangerous ingredients in the driver`s blood, or some animal crossed the street and the driver didn`t have the time to react properly. OR, he got confused by the direction sign we see next to the smashed vehicle (just joking). Anyway, he is fine but unfortunately that is not the case with the car.

It really hurts seeing an automobile like this in such a condition but there is nothing we can done after the damage is done.

ford gt crash 4 ford gt crash 3 ford gt crash 2 ford gt crash

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