There will always be people who will say that possessing a certain skill is not big a deal. As a matter of fact, those persons are often jealous because they cannot accomplish what others have accomplished. Therefore, the best way to silence that kind of people is to show them what you got! After that, we are pretty sure that they will get off your back. Anyway, we would not have written all this if there wasn`t any connection with the video you are about to see. Some mad skills are involved within this RC Harrier video!

FLYING AN RC HARRIER HIGH ALPHA In 3D Mode Several Feet From The Ground 2

The main role is played by an RC Harrier High Alpha RC aircraft. It performs one pretty amazing stunt! This plane flies vertically only couple of feet of the ground! Or in RC terms – 3D flying! When you see this plane preparing for this performance you`ll get the impression like it is not a plane at all, yet some futuristic aircraft preparing to land. At least for a second. Nonetheless, all the credits go to the person holding the controller. He definitely showed his capabilities to everyone by not letting this RC aircraft crash! Hats down!

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RC airplane skillsThis guy has some serious skills!

Posted by Speed Society on Friday, October 16, 2015