NISSAN GTR R32 With HKS 2-Step Launch Control System!

Owning a cult vehicle that is off the production line is considered as a privilege nowadays. Those who own such vehicle know the feeling. In fact, it takes years of dedication, hard work and will to maintain the car in shape. No wonder why many of them are not for sale. Especially if it comes to a muscle car from the 60s and 70s as well. Not to mention vehicles produced even earlier. Anyway, the goal is of course to keep them on the streets, where they belong, not in a garage. On the other hand, there are also vehicles manufactured in the 80s and 90s who can also handle the epithet cult. In our case today, that vehicle is the Nissan GTR R32.

The video below shows you one situation which cannot be resisted. In other words, you cannot remain nonchalant to it. So prepare your sound devices because there is going to be a blast! This car will spit fire and the fact that it`s night time makes it even better! Plus, pay attention when the bang happens. The cameraman was clearly caught off guard and shook the recording device! That`s the power of the blast!

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