This Unchained Bike Prank Is Hilarious! Tough Luck Thieves!

You might have noticed that we do not post a lot of pranks here. That`s because it is really hard to find a real good prank which is funny as well in the same time! That`s exactly the reason we pointed that out in the headline and decided that this one was worth posting! However, the guys from “TwinzTv” decided to give a lesson to all those who would like to get themselves a nice looking bike without trying to earn it first! So check this bike prank!

First they attached an ELECTRIC WIRE on the bike and connected it to a remote control! By hitting the remote control button they run electricity which can be felt on the bike seat! Next they leave the bike unattended and very easy to steal! As someone tries to steal it they press the remote control which gives the thieves a hard time controlling the bike, especially because it is a downhill!

This bike prank is good for so many reasons. It shows people that an easy gettable fruit is probably a forbidden one – and, even more important, it is FUNNY as hell! You must watch it!

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