“Final Bout”- The Best Drifting Contest Ever! MUST SEE!

About three weeks ago, a group of grassroots drifters, drift teams from all over United States and Canada have gathered for this one of a kind event at USA International Raceway in Shawano, Wisconsin and organized one of the best drift shows ever. Today we are going to show you a video with some of the best moments from this original spectacle.

The way the organizers have set the rules, one team can be consisted from three cars minimum and there was not limit about the number of vehicles per team. The name of this great show -- Final Bout – came from the idea to bring some style into the whole thing. Thus, some of the most stylish and best looking drift cars were present there, each team`s theme were matching perfectly and other things that only added to this awesome spectacle.

I can only say that after watching of this video from the Final Bout, I can only regret (as I`m sure you will) for not attending. Hopefully, next year it will happen again and we can all feel the complete aesthetics and thrill of the event. Until then, enjoy the show.

Enjoy the video below!

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