Fiat Punto Trudges Through Mud At The Tisovec Show 2017!

When in doubt, duke it out! That`s what this Fiat Punto driver was thinking when he was supposed to cross a trench filled with mud in his little car. However, this guy is no quitter – he assesses the situation, considers the implications and the possible damage to his car and then slams face first through mud until he makes it to the other side, without any significant damage or delay! It really is breathtaking to see how much these cars can take when people just don`t care if they get broken or not.

This happened at the Tisovec 2017 show, where hundreds gathered to see incredible feats like this. However, this guy in the little purple Punto can easily be declared the coolest participant of them all. Let`s be realistic for a second – who here expected him to charge through mud as thick as that without a second thought or without stopping? Nobody, this guy alone! That and his daring attitude are what make this guy a winner! Well done, Punto driver, your brave feat will remain in history with the rest of small car feats that have happened over the years. Just keep that machine lubed and gassed up and we expect to see you in other shows soon!

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