Ferrari F50 Car in Motion (High Speed Camera)! Must See!

Have you ever wished that you can have a close look on a burning tire of a Ferrari F50 Car to see what actually happens? Or you would probably like to see a slow motion drift? Well, you don`t have to wait anymore! The video you have wished for is right here! All of that is possible thanks to the excellent camera work and of course the decent driving. What in normal life ends in just couple of seconds, here you can enjoy it much longer. And if it`s not enough you can play it over and over again! Overall, we think this video is great!

So, check this Ferrari F50 sliding, drifting and locking up and all that captured with a high speed camera!

Finally, here is the first Ferrari F50 that is on sale! Check it out on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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