Check Out This ANTIQUE DIESEL TRACTOR ‘In Action’!

I`m pretty sure that all those amongst you who follow us on a regular basis, know well that we love to show you videos with old, almost ancient machines, and engines, that are still operating today, after many years spent on the junkyard, or at least totally inactive. We simply feel that it is one of the best ways to give the proper respect to some of the best engine manufacturers, from all over the world, and of course, a good way for us, to have a little fun, watching something that we cannot see every day. And what we have here, in the video below, is not one of those big diesel engines, used for military purposes in the World War II, or anything alike, but a diesel tractor with turbo.

We do not have the exact info about its production year, or when was the last time when it was active and served some purpose, because the author of the video did not provide any. However, we think that it would be nice and entertaining to see this antique diesel tractor, whistling loudly (and a little bit annoying) like crazy! So check it out, and I hope that you will have fun watching it.

And if you are Into whistling, and want to `treat your ears` with more, go to this link, and hear how does one powerful Turbo Diesel powered truck is whistling on an open highway.