BEST MOMENTS From D1GP 2015 Drift Series In Osaka!

I guess that I have already said that the truth is that we did not know very much about the Japanese D1GP in drifting, even though we were presuming that it is an exciting drift event that we should see. And that is exactly what we did last month, when on September 5, the Japanese D1GP 2015 series was held on the Toyo Tires` home turf of Osaka, and I have to tell you that from now on, I do not think that I`ll miss another D1 Grand Prix race! Because one does not have to be a genius to figure out that Japan, plus drifting, equals something great!

Exactly like we were guessing, the D1 Grand Prix in Osaka was one hell of a thrilling and suspenseful race, where drift aces like Toyo Tires` Masato Kawabata, won this year`s Championship before the series finale. Even though the competition was pretty tough, also featuring stars like Daigo Saito and his new Lamborghini Murcielago drift beast, as well as the Masato`s new team colleague, the Russian drifter Georgy Chivchyan, who had more than just an impressive display of high-speed drifting, there was not a real match for Kawabata and his 1 000 HP 35RX D-Spec Nissan GTR.

But if you want to get a `visual mode`, with numerous attractive drift moments from the D1GP 2015, you better take a look at the video clip below, and see a good summary of the most exciting moments, that will surely give you a pleasure and joy! And for those of you who also want to read a detailed report about everything important that happened at the D1 Grand Prix in Osaka, click here.