X275 RECORD-SETTING RUN by Jared Johnston!

I do not think that any of us (the ultimate Gearheads) can ever get tired of watching new thrilling and suspenseful drag battles, fast as hell Quarter-Mile passes and others, especially the ones that are actually the fastest, setting or resetting a new world record at a certain discipline. It is deeply carved in the nature of every human being to witness the moment when something great and extraordinary is taking place, something that is writing the history forever! Today we have prepared you one such moment captured on a video, the race at North Star Dragway in Denton TX., where the Kansas City based `player` Jared Johnston and his fast as hell Ford Mustang, had reset the X275 world record. This historic and fast as lightning race happened during the Texas Radial Round Up.

Johnston`s awesome Mustang is packing a single turbo Bennet Racing motor and tranny made by M&M Transmissions, but we cannot tell you exactly how much power is boosting under the hood of that beast. But the fact is that it is fast as hell, and it is the only thing that matters.

Now watch the video below and see how Jared Johnston achieved this awesome result of 4.445 seconds at 160 mph! And if you are a Mopar fan and want to see another fast as hell X275 Dodge Challenger, go to this link.