This Fascinating Small Motor Generator Will Simply Leave You Jaw-Dropped! New Key Holder Maybe?!

There are many fascinating free energy generators and other similar ideas already on the internet! Many people from around the world have come up with ideas and have created devices for tapping electrical energy! This energy frequently goes by the name of “Zero-Point-Energy”! It`s called that way because of the energy that remains when a system has its temperature dropped to absolute zero! This very footage will show one of these amazing creations! It`s an introduction to what some very talented guys are capable of and to what they have achieved in this technological field! It`s a contraption which houses more power than it`s required to run! You`ll be able to see one amazing small motor generator!

This impressive small motor generator works in a very peculiar manner! It uses a wireless cell phone charger in order to deliver the needed energy to the gadget! The receiver unit can be found attached to motor mount made of wood while the sender unit is fitted under the mat!

The motors on this device are unmodified 12v DC. The small part near the motor is called – the super capacitator, which is 2.3v/ 6F! This guy made a very good LED light solution as well! The LED light is from an AAA LED flashlight! As you`ll see in the footage below, the motors work in a great synergy! Both are wired together in order to turn in the same direction! The super capacitator is fitted parallel to the motors so the said synergy can be realized! The wires go through the board next to the motors and ending up in the motors terminal! This concept can be very beneficial in the thermodynamics of thermal or chemical processes in both science and engineering! However, such concept types that include free energy are often a subject to conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theorists claim that these type of devices are suppressed by corporations, advocacy groups and the government!

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