FAS Yellow R34 Skyline GTR: 11-Second 1/4 Mile Drag: First Rockie Run!

Check this FAS Yellow R34 Skyline GTR goes 11-Second at 1/4 Mile Drag! This is the first run ever with this R34, with full tank, stock interior and rookie driver.

When we are about to see a drag race time trial we expect that we are going to see the usual stuff for example a burnout. Sadly, we won`t have that satisfaction this time, because there is a novice driver behind the wheel. Nevertheless, we are showing respect, and we are encouraging him to continue with his actions. He is pretty lucky having such car. It looks very cool, and it looks even better when we hear the motor revving at 7000 RPM. Additionally, when the car starts moving we see a chunk of unidentified origin flying behind the rear left wheel. Do you think it`s a part of the tire and effected the result? 11.43 is impressive for a first timer! Do you agree?

Enjoy the video below!

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