F15 Strike Eagle Soars Through The Blue Sky! Breathtaking Footage!

When you watch airplanes and especially fighter jets like the F15 Strike Eagle in online videos, they`re usually dropping bombs on something or participating in an exercise. Who knew it could be so relaxing to watch one of them just soar through the sky with no limits but the amount of fuel they have left. Now, while they`re some of the best weapons of the air, these airplanes are also beautiful to watch and so elegant that they make older airplanes look like they were designed by masters of modern art.

Not only that, but they have unbelievable capabilities that put most of the other airplanes of today to shame. Their countermeasures system is extremely elegant and you can see it in this video, as well as some really exasperating low fly-bys. The F15 Strike Eagle is a machine that can give you the ride of your life with its smooth handling and beautiful drive, but it can also defend our freedom against anyone and everyone. This video was taken at a military exercise so it`s a bit more relaxed but when these beasts go up in the air, everyone knows to steer clear, but you can only run so far from something going hundreds of miles per hour.

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