Extreme Tire Test Proves Effectiveness Of Chinese Sealant Product!

Don`t you just hate it when you drive off somewhere and get a flat tire in the middle of the trip? These guys did too, and that`s why they created their very own tire test and sealant product.

Extreme Tire Test 2

You just put this liquid green stuff in your tire, and whenever the rubber has a hole put into it, the stuff solidifies when it touches air and you`re able to have just enough time to finish your trip! To prove how effective this goo is, the manufacturers conducted a tire test and filmed it so that you can be sure in the effects. They start off small, with a bicycle tire being punctured with a few different screwdrivers, each thicker than the last. Of course, as soon as they are removed, the holes seal right back up.

They continue the tire test with a car and have it drive over a plank with a few different sized but much bigger spikes – once again, the green sealant seals the holes in the tire and the driver is on his merry way.

They keep increasing the size of the tested vehicles until they reach construction equipment – they actually had a dozer drive one of his tires over a plank with inch-thick spikes, and lo-and-behold the holes seal up nice.

However, the comment section is not very kind to this sealant, saying it`s difficult to remove, that it will eat up your tire or your rim, and it`s generally a pain in the neck. Of course, it will get me home, but if I have to buy new rims every time I get a flat tire, why do I need this?

Finally, here are some road and car tests for you to see!