Extreme Jump & Bad Crash By A Chevrolet Silverado TRUCK!

Check out this Insane and Extreme Jump & Crash By A Chevrolet Silverado TRUCK! R.I.P Suspension!

As a Gearhead, you probably like car gatherings! Are not they the best?! It is like you have everything you want in one place! We used to spend days on these events! Anyway, you might have heard about the gathering at Silver Lake in Michigan! This video is taken in 2011, and it is cool and sad in the same time! We have a huge crash of a Chevrolet Silverado after performing a GREAT JUMP! We do not know if it is a word play, but a SilverADO got crashed at SilverLAKE and that is the one and only truth!

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Enjoy the video below!

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