Extreme Drift Hill Climb in a 500HP 13B Turbo RX7! Awesome Driving, Shots and of Course GREAT CARS!!!

Check this Extreme Drift Hill Climb in a 500HP 13B Turbo RX7 on the video below! Awesome Driving, Editing, Directing and of Course Cars!!!

One cannot call himself a DRIFTER if he does not possess that adventurous spirit!!! Thank God, the driver from this footage, has it! He has plenty of adventurous spirit to be precise! However, he is going to climb a hill! Yeah, it doesn`t really sound “adrenaline junky” when said like that! He is going to drift his car up a hill, for this he is going to use his MAZDA RX7 6 Series! This BEAST is very powerful and the engine that gives it the high 500 horsepower stands here as a proof! Of course, he could not have done this if it wasn`t for his friends to help, and those are: Famous Stars and Straps, Rotorua Council and many more!

P.S. The driver in the black RX7 has better control than the other car!!!