Experienced Drivers Are Always Annoyed At Newbies For Not Using Engine Braking More!

If you`re reading this, you`ve probably been on the road for a while. Don`t you just hate it when you`re behind someone new to driving and they keep tapping that brake pedal making you stop every few hundred yards? Well, experienced drivers were once newbies too but I`m sure you figured out the way to slow down your vehicle without constant use of the brake pedal, and I`m talking of course about engine braking and the more elusive Jake braking system. Your engine has a great system to drive your car perfectly, and if you don`t utilize this system efficiently, it will slow down your car instead of speeding it up.

It`s not like these are new things and it`s not like people don`t know about them, but isn`t it weird that every time experienced drivers are on the highway someone that has never heard of engine braking is in front? What exactly happens when you take your foot off the throttle pedal and you let your car just drive while in gear?

Well, the car slows down, obviously, but there is a whole lot of mechanics and physics in that process. If you want to learn more about it, check out the video and you will get all the necessary engineering information to know how a Jake brake and engine braking work.

Finally, engine braking is prohibited for trucks in some areas! Here is why!