EVER Been Surprised By A “SLEEPER”? Check This 1967 VOLVO Amazon “Vöcks” VS Ferrari 458 VS Ferrari 599 GTB F1!

In the second video, the ridiculously fast 1967 Volvo Amazon races another Ferrari! This time, the Swedish vehicle faces a Ferrari 599 GTB F1! The main difference between this video and the first one is the fact that this time we have a little bit of commentary. Who might the commentary be? Well it is the passenger in the Ferrari of course, and the driver! At the start, they look at the 1967 Volvo and laugh about it not having its door closed. After the race starts however, they are completely stunned to see that the 1967 Volvo is MUCH FASTER than what they thought! How did this race end? You will just have to watch the video for yourself.

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