EVER Been Surprised By A “SLEEPER”? Check This 1967 VOLVO Amazon “Vöcks” VS Ferrari 458 VS Ferrari 599 GTB F1!

Have you EVER Been Surprised By A “SLEEPER” car? We can safely say that this is probably the best sleeper car we have ever stumbled upon! Check This Classic 1967 Volvo Amazon “Vöcks” racing against the Ferrari 458 and against a Ferrari 599 GTB F1! We have not one, but two videos of one incredible 1967 Volvo racing against two different Ferraris! In the first video, the Volvo Amazon takes on a Ferrari 458! Reading this you will probably think that a Volvo does not stand a chance against a Ferrari 458! You are about to be proven VERY WRONG! As it turns out, this is no ordinary 1967 Volvo Amazon! It has been customized so much that it has no trouble DEFEATING a Ferrari 458 in a race! Sounds unbelievable? No worries, there is a video that will put all your doubt to rest!  Anyone knows how much money did he put in this insane car? That Thing is MOVING FAST & and it sounds amazing!