Check Out This Russian Santa Snow Bike Drift!

Here is one pretty original drift video. We all know that most of the times when we are watching video clips from Mother Russia, we are watching all kinds of madness, either with crazy drivers who do not give a damn about anyone else, or it is some totally insane vehicle that gives you a high dose of laughs from many days. But this time we have something pretty much different – Santa Claus snow bike drift! And it is really cool!

And to make things even better, there are two of them, on two identical bikes (which are awesome, I have got to tell you that right away), shooting flames and drifting like insane on an empty field, covered with snow. Unfortunately we do not have any info about those great bikes, what kind of an engine they are using, how much horse and torque power, etcetera.

But regardless of that, I think that you will really enjoy this snow bike drift. Santa Claus on an awesome and powerful bike, flame shooting, drifting in the snow, hardcore metal music…do I need to say more? Just watch the video and enjoy it. And if you feel like you want to sound off your thoughts about it, do it in the comment section below.

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