EUROPE vs USA! BMW i8 & Huracan VS Hellcat & Mustang!

Lot of things are already said with the headline! We have 4 extraordinary supercars competing each other! But you should probably know this is not a regular race, this is something much better! The Car Magazine Team did a little experiment! Actually, they are doing a road trip across the States in these special sports cars! This is definitely a high class party and not everyone can be part of it! We are here to compare and note what we have learned from this Europe vs USA experiment.

On one hand, we have the European Extravaganza: BMW I8 and the Lamborghini Huracan, no need to say more. On the other hand we have the American Pride – two amazing muscle cars: The Dodge SRT Hellcat and pure classic – Ford Mustang!!! They started in Los Angeles and headed straight to the canyon of Malibu. And after that they were off to Vegas! These are all some very good driving roads. We`ll give you a hint of the results: The I8 was faster than the Mustang and we`ll leave you to find out the rest! What type of person are you when it comes to Europe vs USA cars? Would you rather have a supercar or an old school Muscle?

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