EPIC: The Best & Most Expensive RC Car Chase Movie Ever! 12M VIEWS Are Not There For Nothing!

If you like movies, car chases, RC cars and drifting, than this is definitely the VIDEO FOR YOU! A video where you get all of these things in one flick! They brought very fast and cool RC cars and even an awesome RC helicopter flying overhead! A real RC car chase movie with all the things needed for making a RC car blockbuster!

We know you all love the game NEED FOR SPEED Most Wanted and we are proud to tell you that they made all this to happen! This short film that involves expensive Remote Control Cars is perfectly made as you will not even notice that the cars in stake are actually RC ones! These guys made sure to throw in an awesome soundtrack in this RC car chase movie along the way. And the suspenseful soundtrack is 100% on spot with all the crazy RC action going on! Talking about sound, we also got to give props up to the sound editing which is amazing! Those drifting and engine sounds are like the real thing and blend in terrifically! These guys even payed strong attention to environment details! The entire movie set looks stunning!

Anyway, take a look at these STREET CARS that obviously ride WAY ABOVE THE LIMIT as police cars are chasing them! Ready for some action? All you need to do is to hit the footage below and see how a car chase movie is made without a single stuntman! Who said magic doesn`t exist?! These guys have made a real movie making magic that will simply take your breath away!

At last we must say big bravo to these guys! This video is awesome. You have shoved just about every stereotypical car chase shot into one short movie.

Check out The Best & Most Expensive RC Car Chase Movie EVER!

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