Each and every one of you who is following the drag racing scene and who is deep into the muscle cars, knows well that one can pick almost any model and brand, and turn it into a street legal drag car, or a Pro Mod drag beast that can be seen only on the strips. Some guys prefer classic Detroit muscles, to take them and modified them to a point when they only remind of the muscle car they used to be. Others are not going to such extremes, but simply tune up the engine as much as possible, and make only a few changes in the car`s body, so that it will run faster and there would not be any problems on the strip! Today we have prepared for you a short clip of the great 1967 Plymouth Barracuda.

A professional drag car, as it is idling on a parking lot and slowly moving out of it, so that you can feel and enjoy that awesome Mopar sound, from its V8 engine under the hood. Unfortunately we do not have the specs about this `67 Barracuda, with an interesting name, “The Palindrome”.

Also, we really have not got any idea to what its name may be referring to, but I`ll take a wild guess that it does not go backwards, as fast as it does a normal way! So, if you got intrigued to hear that great sound of a Mopar drag beast, just check out the following video and enjoy it! And if you want to learn something more about the 1967 Plymouth Barracuda, go to this link.