Why Edd China Leaving Wheeler Dealers Was A Magnificent Idea!

Speculating and spreading false rumors is something we face every day. These speculations sometimes might have terrible consequences. However, sometimes there is nothing you can do other than spread rumors. At least that is what we all did when we heard that Edd China will be leaving Wheeler Dealers just lately. It came in as a great shock and many had dark thoughts about the exact reason why he left the successful show. Back then only few people said that this was actually a magnificent idea. Boy, they were right! We will try to show you exactly how and why Edd China`s decision was actually a good idea, and it could only become better in the future. All this might not make sense to you now, but be patient. Many said that Edd and Mike had a really bad fight, so he decided to leave the show immediately.

edd china leaving magnificent idea 1

But this is utterly false. The work of Edd China in Wheeler Dealers was something really inspiring to many young car guys. He gave us the true answer that you do not need much money to repair a true classic car. All you need was the wish and some creativity. So when Edd found out that the production of Wheeler Dealers was planning on cutting this part off from the show, he decided that it was the perfect moment for him to quit. Even though it was a tough decision and the success of the show was at its peak, this turned out to be a magnificent idea. Namely, he does not plan on stop working on cars and he will now have the freedom to do whatever he wants. Finally he can set his imagination free, thus creating some of the best projects ever!

edd china leaving magnificent idea 2

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