Dropped GMC Yukon Denali Truck On 26-Inch Dub Baller Rims!

Check out this 2005 Dropped GMC Yukon Denali truck On 26-Inch Dub Baller Rims! This truck is lowered about 4-7″ with Belltech 5″ springs and spindles and front decranked torsion keys!

We have presented you quite a number of videos showing vehicles with 30+ inch wheels. We are going to decrease that number. Of inches, not videos. This video you are about to see shows you a compilation of pictures of a white SUV with matte black rims. Now, as we said, these rims are 26 inch. We admit, they look pretty cool combined with a giant white SUV. There are two separate pictures of the rims, and the others pictures show the automobile mounted on these wheels. The pictures are moving pretty slowly, so you will have the time to pay attention to every detail.

Finally, check out this GMC first drive experience, here!

Enjoy the video below!

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