Find Out HOW TO DRILL A Perfect Square Hole! Great Video!

Okay, we got to say that this is insanely cool. We stumbled upon a video that features a very neat animation that showcases how you can theoretically drill a nice square hole. We have many ways how to convert round holes into square holes. However, we haven`t seen an actual square hole drilling process before. It looks like the guy behind this concept uses a rotor from a rotary engine. The rotor looks like the perfect shape for creating square holes when it`s rotated. On top of this, you need to add some powerful metal tooling so it can perform the material removal.

So, at least in theory, this animation shows that you can really drill the perfect square hole. However, it`s worth mentioning that one small issue can arise. If the setup fails to do ninety degree corners, the holes might be slightly rounded. Nevertheless, like with everything in life, there is a solution for this as well. If this occurs, you can clean them up with a file. This animation makes drilling square holes easy. However, remember that this is just a theory and you should not take it for granted unless proven in practice. We will have to see whether someone will put this theory into real-world testing.

Some might need a tutorial for using a power drill? Here you go!