Drifting With the Awesome Nissan Silvia S15 on a Small Parking! This Guy Got Some SKILLS!

You have got to admit it, as much often as we watch videos, photo galleries or read about the fabulous Nissan GTR models, it is not that often that we actually get a chance to see some of the Silvia models doing a stunt, racing on the drag strip, or anything else alike.

This time we have found pretty good and entertaining video exactly with this model, the Nissan Silvia S15 having a lot of fun, drifting on this small and tiny college parking lot. It is recorded with a phone camera by a local student who happened to be there, when the owner of this great looking Silvia S15 in orange, decided to give a little show to the locals. Yes, the area on which he does it is pretty small,…

However, I`m always glad to see guys having fun with their cool car, so I would recommend the video and you will give your comments about this `drift master`.

Enjoy the video below!

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