SPECTACULAR DRAG RACE: HKS570 Nissan GTR VS Shelby GT500 2011!

Check out this amazing drag race on the highway between the HKS570 Nissan GTR VS Shelby GT500 2011!

We sure feel like we could use a good street race right now, how about you? If you are with us, then hit the play button on the video below and experience a great race! The two opponents both have something to offer and it is up to you to pick out your favorite! The parties in stake are a GODZILLA`S 2009 Nissan HKS570 GTR R35 on one hand, and a 2011 MODED SHELBY GT500! Both excellent rides, both promising a lot as they will hit their gas pedals until their TIRES BURN! Excited? It’s a GTR! What do u think it’s going to lose?

Finally, check out this article and learn more about mods!

Enjoy the video below!

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