Here Is Why The 1990 Ferrari 348 Is NOT A Bad CAR!

Ferrari is definitely a brand that has produced some legendary models, however, the 1990 Ferrari 348 is not well regarded.

Doug DeMuro 1990 Ferrari 348 review bad reputation 3

Some of the reasons for this bad reputation is because purists are mocking its mediocre design and uninspiring performance. This Ferrari car is labeled as the middle child. It`s labeled so because it`s a design between the old Ferrari engineering style in the well-loved 308, 328 and the newer F430. To prove its bad reputation, the 348 is also the cheapest Ferrari of the entire V8 lot. However, Doug DeMuro doesn`t agree with this mainstream opinion and in this video he aims to prove that the 348 doesn`t really deserve its awful reputation. For the purpose of the video, he borrowed a Ferrari 348 from auto wholesalers.

That dealership can be found in Miami Florida and they exclusively dabble with exotic cars. They also have a pretty cool inventory of awesome enthusiast cars. The Ferrari he borrowed has a 39,000 miles on the odometer which is definitely no joke for a 1990 Ferrari 348. To prove how cheap it is, this Ferrari is on sale for even less than 60,000 dollars.

This is a really cheap price for a manual transmission classic Ferrari. Few years back, it was even cheaper going for $48,000. For example, the 355 has reached a price of $100,000, while the Ferrari 308 and the Ferrari 328 are going even beyond this number. Doug DeMuro gives us a full rundown on what this classic Ferrari has to offer. After that he goes into facts as to why this Ferrari should be more appreciated.

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