These DOGS Can Now DRIVE A CAR On Their Own! Check This Dog Driving Training!

It seems to me that this video confirms the old saying that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it! That`s exactly what this guy did when he was approached to create a dog driving training regimen, which he did. After only eight months, he had managed to teach three dogs the basics of driving, and not only that but they can handle a Mini Countryman without any difficulty! These are definitely the smartest dogs you`ll ever see – if they were people, they`d be professional race car drivers!

Dog Driving Training 1

Monty, Ginny and Porter have been practicing for a while now and they are demonstrating in the video that they can, in fact, drive a car like the dog trainer said before.

Anyway, this dog driving training regimen appears to consist of positioning the dog behind the wheel and the dog`s owner behind the dog, so that he can observe it`s moves and correct them if they are wrong. This happens a lot, so all the parts that the dog touches need to be isolated and protected, so they`re wrapped with either duct tape, plastic or wicker – either way, the dog will feel safe and it will be able to concentrate on the driving lessons. After a while, the simple instincts in the dog`s head begin to accommodate this new, now trained skill – driving.
Also, the video says that this is all because of a dog adoption home and that we should all adopt one, and I support them 100%!

At last, check out this battle of a dog vs WW2 German tank!

These Dogs Can Drive A Car On Their Own

These Dogs Can Drive A Car On Their Own

Posted by David Wolfe on Wednesday, May 17, 2017