Best Dodge Challenger SRT8 on 32-Inch DUB Zig Zag Spinners!

Check out the Best Dodge Challenger SRT8 on 32-Inch DUB rims with Zig Zag Spinners made by Underground Rim King.

Not so long ago, we presented a video of a green Dodge Charger on 32″ wheels. This time, we present to you another car from the same manufacturer but a different model. It is a word of the Dodge Challenger lifted on the same size rims. Take a look at this wonderfully painted vehicle. It simply fascinated us. The combination of blue paintjob with yellow sections looks adorable. Moreover, when you add those unique rims with ragged spinners on top, the exterior looks like a car you haven`t seen before. The interior on the other hand, has some fiberglass and powerful speakers made by Mad Mark’s Stereo! This Challenger is WILD!

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Enjoy the video below!

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