DODGE CHALLENGER SRT8: Idling Sound, Revving Sound!

Car enthusiasts who have the chance to own a desirable vehicle such as the Dodge Challenger SRT8 would do anything in their power in order to make their automobile even more distinguishable! The first thing that is caught by the eye is of course the exterior. Often, car lovers express their personality through the automobile`s exterior. Big or small rims, spoiler or no spoiler, whole body kit or just some parts.

The possibilities are endless. We happen to notice all this if the car is nearby. On the other hand another trait is noticed probably even before we see the car. And that of course is the sound.

If the vehicle produces quality sound, it will make everybody turn their head and search where the sound comes from. The vehicle featured in the video below aligns with the aforementioned “criteria”. It is a word of the American car legend – Dodge Challenger SRT8! This mighty vehicle will most definitely leave you positively surprised! It has rather unusual paintjob for a civil car but very common sound for a muscle car!

Also, the two twin tailpipes and the five-spoke rims fit perfectly into this image! So prepare your sound devices! You are not going to regret it! In fact, has any muscle car ever let you down?

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