Do You Think Stanced Rides Can Not Be Drifted? THINK AGAIN After Seeing This Drifting S13!

Do You Think Stanced Rides Can`t Be Drifted? THINK AGAIN! We are certain that you will change your mind after seeing this ridiculous video of a drifting S13! To make thing even more interesting, it is not alone on the track! A few more cars can be seen drifting alongside it, but it is the stanced S13 that is the center of attention. It caught our eye as well and this is why we decided to share this amazing drifting S13 with all of you here! This is a one of a kind drifting race and you should definitely not miss out the opportunity to see it!

We are finally going to find out something new about the controversial place in Japan, Hiroshima!!! We have some STANCE CARS which are going to show us that they can actually do a lot, like DRIFTING!!! Many would consider these vehicles as incapable of DRIFTING, but to prove those wrong, we present to you this S13 that actually DRIFTS by those cones without any difficulties! People stand around as they admire this drifting S13 and its driver`s skills as smoke comes out of those BURNING TIRES! They are shredding through tires till they explode… So, it is now time to check out this video and learn something new about STANCE CARS! These kinds of cars are considered as a part of Japanese car culture. Many people wonder why would one want to stance his car, but on the other hand, who are we to judge? Gearheads like us love cars in all shapes and sizes! Nevertheless, we will now leave you to watch this stanced Nissan Silvia S13 as it drifts alongside some competitors with astonishing elegance! Press play and witness the greatness!

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Enjoy the video below!

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