UNBELIEVABLE! This Guy Does Dangerous Climbing On A Tall Building Without Any Safety Precautions!

The Internet is a marvelous place where you can find all sorts of things. Even though we are a website for car enthusiasts, every now and then we like to drift off with our selection. By this we mean sharing a video that has absolutely nothing to do with cars, or even vehicles for that matter! Today, we decided to share a video with everyone here that will make you a bit uneasy. Sometimes we wonder how far are some people ready to go just to become famous on the Internet.

This guy for example, is ready to do some seriously dangerous climbing without any safety equipment whatsoever! To further rise the tension, another person films this whole crazy stunt from a very close distance! And to make things even worse, the climber is climbing on a really tall building! We are still not certain if the climber is very brave or just very stupid.

Like we previously mentioned, some people are ready to do the craziest things just so they can become famous quickly. This trend of dangerous climbing has been going on for quite some time, and people seem to be only getting braver (or more stupid, we still can`t decide which one to use). Nonetheless, it doesn`t stop people from doing something this crazy. This guy in particular seems to have no problem climbing on the wall that is at least several hundred feet high!

Furthermore, after he gets on top of the wall, he continues walking on the edge! Then, the person filming decides to film below, just to show everyone how high it is! Whoever climbed that wall is a fully fledged Darwin award nominee! Take a look at this video and let us know if the guy in it is brave or just stupid. Enjoy!

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