Cristiano Ronaldo top 5 goals – 2013 (Full HD) Must See!

Hello soccer fans! It`s a real honor to present you a video of Cristiano Ronaldo top 5 goals, one of the best players ever, without a doubt! That is confirmed by the numerous awards he has received and continues to prove that fact with every single game! In order to create an image how good is he, we are going to mention some of his acknowledgements he received last year! He was announced as World`s Soccer Player of the Year, Player of the Month in the Spanish Primera League and was a top scorer in the previous season of UEFA`s Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo…What a great player… Surely one the best strikers I’ve ever seen.

The video below contains the top 5 goals he has scored so far! Share your opinion with us.

Must see these incredible Cristiano Ronaldo`s top 5 Champions League goals! Check them out on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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