Living on the country can be boring sometimes. Therefore, the people living there find many interesting and rather unconventional ways to entertain themselves. Some of them are DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME tutorials as well as doing very ridiculous things that make us laugh. A lot. Like this video, that “belongs” to this second category of ours. It looks like these guys had plenty of free time and decided to do something fun. Obviously they came up with a crazy WAKEBOARDING idea, although there is a tiny problem.

There is NO WATER! But they have the solution for that. It`s called a SOFA! They took the sofa, attached it to a vehicle that can pull them around and they are good to go! So, we watch them riding on the old sofa in a relaxed state while being too naïve and without realizing that the driver has an unpleasant surprise for them. He goes round and round and all of a sudden slows down where the MUD is! Then, steps on the gas and covers the “passengers” with MUD! IT IS HILARIOUS! However, he is getting a little something for return. See what!

At last, if you want to see another crazy wakeboarding, follow this link and get a good laugh.