Crazy Suzuki Hayabusa Dirt Bike!

When you think of a Hayabusa bike, you probably think of a powerful and might bike which can be seen roaring on the streets with supreme elegance, but did you know that a Hayabusa dirt bike is a thing now and you can compete in such race? Probably not, but with such amazing and incredible modifications being made to cars and bikes, do not be surprised with what you are going to see in the video. Even the drag track is not your typical one; hence the name speaks for itself.

Crazy Suzuki Hayabusa Dirt Bike 2

The Suzuki Hayabusa dirt bike actually races on a dirt drag track. There is no asphalt, only dirt. You must be wondering how such super fast bike can retain traction with its massive but smooth tire.

Well, the rear tire has undergone a modification and it is not your typical one. There are notches all over the tire which enable the bike to retain its traction on the dirt track. This enables it to move super fast and it leaves behind a massive cloud of dust. You would definitely not want to stand behind it anywhere near hence even the tiniest rock might make some serious injuries. The Hayabusa dirt bike has been also modified in such a way that it had extended its wheel a bit backwards in order to move the center of gravity. This protects the bike from being flipped over. What do you think; will these type of races become a thing in the future?