CRAZY Semi Truck Jump: 101.9 Feet With Ash Nichols! Ford LTL Found Itself In The Air And Lands Safe!

Watch the Crazy Semi Truck Jump with Ash Nichols. The Ford LTL had a flight of 101.9 feet and ended with a safe landing! We have seen motorbikes jumping, SUVs jumping, ATVs jumping, cars jumping yet seeing a TRUCK jumping is quite RARE! We thought that this is possible only in games, but apparently we were wrong. In order to be able to do this, the truck runs up to increase the speed. What is good about this video is the fact that we can see this jump several times, from different angles. There is a camera on the side of the track as well as on the truck’s roof. Also, there is a slow motion edition of the jump.

The stuntman behind this amazing semi truck jump is Ash Nichols! And this guy managed to break the world record! He took his big rig 101.9 feet in the air! It`s amazing how the whole vehicle didn`t shatter when landing. The engineers who prepared this big rig for Ash Nichols implemented one hell of a suspension!

For people who are not familiar enough with jumping vehicles, 101.9 feet may not be that surprising. But know this, motocross riders who jump with much lighter vehicles usually do 100 feet on a triple jump! Ash Nichols managed to pull a cross-style table top jump in an aerodynamically inferior Ford LTL! This makes his semi truck jump even more magnificent!

At first, when we see Nichols with his Ford LTL driving towards the jump, we are a bit startled. He totally looks like he doesn`t have enough speed to do the jump! But that is all just an illusion. Just like when you see a train approaching. The train looks like it doesn`t even go 10 miles an hour. However, the locomotive is screaming with speed! We congratulate Ash Nichols on his perfect big rig jumping, landing safely on the ground and breaking the world record!

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