I`m not an expert of rat rods or anything like that, but I firmly believe that the whole point of building a rat rod is to make a vehicle that will be a great fun and that one can use it to do all kinds of things which he would not do with a regular ride. So we can completely understand Dennis Hom from Homs Hillbilly Rat Rods, who had spent many hours inside his shop building this Trike Rat Rod, why is he blasting it like it is his last day on the planet Earth.

There is no doubt that his Trike Rat Rod is making heads turn everywhere and anywhere it appears. Because, as you will see in the video below in just a few moments, it is really capable of doing some truly wicked things, and it is no wonder that people simply cannot miss it when they are nearby.

Hom`s blasting Trike Rat Rod is built from many different car components, and a few parts from a Honda 750. So I guess it would not be a mistake if we say that there are not many like it out there.

But you better have a look at the following video with it, in which you will see Dennis Hom having great fun with, doing donuts and creating tons of white smoke. And of course, enjoy it and have fun yourself! Also, if you want to see interesting examples of Harley Davidson rat rods, click here.