The Craziest Motorcycle Trike Hot Rod! Can You Believe This Is A Street Legal Trike?!

People have been so inventive these couple of decades that many stuff have been invented! Some of them are very important like an electricity generator, while others are here just for fun! This street legal trike, with an accent to legal, is from the second category! The guy stands by the highway while everyone nearby stands and takes picture with him and his street legal trike! And why would not they? This is definitely the most unique hot rod trike we have ever seen! With more than 1200 horsepower this one can take you anywhere you want! And why wouldn`t you go on a road trip with this amazing street legal trike! Start in NY and end up in LA!

Watch the amazing video with this street legal insane motorcycle trike hot rod. It has 1200hp and custom built suspension! We are used to see cars with big engines, but this is something really extraordinary! This custom motorcycle is huge!

It has truly interesting design and custom parts that work. Well, what is the purpose if they don`t, then there could be one unpleasant sight. Anyway, this motorbike is ready to go on the road. It is like we have never seen before, therefore we wanted to share it with you.

After he has waited long enough to join the traffic, you can hear the sound of that roaring! You can also count to three and that would be the time that is needed for this street legal trike to disappear!

Apart from the engine, naturally the part that everyone loves, we personally like the idea of the front wheel section. It is really unique. Pay attention to the marks the tires leave on the road. A demonstration of real power.

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