Craziest & Most Challenging Event: 2014 Top Truck Challenge! These Guys are Complete Nutters!

All those amongst you who are following every important competition that considers monster and mega trucks as its main protagonists, are very well familiar with one of the best events of this type -- 2014 Top Truck Challenge – where you can witness and get entertained with some totally unbelievable performances and stunts that these guys are ready to do in the process of proving themselves as the best truck drivers for that year.

The video that we have prepared for you will be twenty minutes of raw truck contests that mainly involve one unique truck pulling challenge, on a track that extends entire 150 feet, climbing this highly elevated hill (13 feet), with maximum angle of about 16 degrees. And of course the trickiest part comes by pulling that 38 000 pounds military monster, a challenge which only the very best drivers can finish it successfully.

But that is not the only ordeal that these guys will face here, at what is considered by many to be the toughest truck competition in North America. During this whole past years, the Frame Twister has evolved and become very nasty part of the whole thing, in which the competitors have to overcome the infamous Squeeze Rock section, where many vehicles have really twisted their frames last year and needless to say, did not do very well here. Now every contestant has only 10 minutes to complete his task, so check out the video and see how well they did it.

Enjoy the video below!

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