Consumer Satisfaction Awards for Hyundai Genesis Sedan and Veloster!

2013 vehicle satisfaction award veloster genesis

The AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (VSA) take place every year and are based on data received from a survey on whether and how much customers are satisfied with their new vehicles. This year 52.000 owners of new cars were interviewed on their level of satisfaction including 51 different categories of the car`s traits from fuel consumption to internal design. This year the AutoPacific VSA went to Hyundai Veloster for the most satisfying car in the Sporty Car category, while Hyundai Genesis took the prize in the Aspirational Luxury Car category.

The president of AutoPacific, Mr. George Peterson expressed his opinion regarding Hyundai`s award- winning vehicles. He said that Hyundai Genesis deserved to win this award in the Aspirational Luxury Cars category because of its good price and classy appearance. He added that Hyundai has proved to be one of the big guys now having in mind that the company receives this award four times in the past five years. As far as Hyundai Veloster is concerned, Mr. Peterson said that Hyundai Veloster`s price was the most attractive segment of the vehicle, even though customers have very positive comments on the vehicle as a whole.

Why These Hyundai Vehicles Have Received the Awards?

Let`s take a look in some of the reasons why these Hyundai vehicles have received the awards.

Hyundai Veloster, let`s start, is equipped with a 1.6 liter direct-injected twin-scroll engine with ability to develop 201 hp. The Veloster also has a dashy appearance supported with 18 inch alloy wheels. Hyundai Genesis has an enhanced V8 engine featuring Duel Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CWT), and then LED lights, leather steering wheel with audio controls and dual asymmetrical chrome exhaust tips.

Hyundai -- Assurance Connected Care!

Both, Hyundai Veloster and Hyundai Genesis have the Hyundai`s Blue Link telematics safety system. This system enhances the safety features of the vehicle and improves the overall safety condition of passengers. It includes SOS emergency assistance, improved roadside assistance, automatic collision notifications, free checks and maintenance alerts on monthly basis. Hyundai`s Product Planning Director, Mr. Scott Margason said that he feels very happy that Hyundai can show its care about the customers and he i s honored that Hyundai Veloster and Hyundai Genesis were vehicles from which customers were extremely satisfied.

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