Coca Cola Truck Spotted In London! Boxing Day Already?!

The Coca Cola truck was spotted earlier this year as it was driving through London. Usually, the Coca Cola truck marks the countdown till Christmas. For many Americans as well as Europeans, it is not Christmas until these trucks storm the streets. It is not arguable that the Coca Cola truck lights up the flames inside of us that remind us of the times when we were young and gives us warmth. To be more precise, it reminds us of the year 1995 when these trucks first came out! That is when these iconic trucks first showed up on TV and made us think that Christmas = Coca Cola!

Coca Cola truck London 12

A great PR move, by the company. You start to think that “Holidays are not coming” if the Coca Cola truck is not here! Moreover, little is known that the company W.B. Doner stands behind the first shiny trucks within the advertising campaign. Also working on the “Christmas Caravans” is the company that worked on Star Wars – Industrial Light and Magic! Their task was, of course, special effects!

Then came the year 1998 when the 3rd Christmas Caravan was broadcasted. This advert was broadcasted to more than 100 countries and millions of viewers! And, last but not least, let us mention the famous 1999 advert called “Journey”. Remember when the trucks shine in front of a little boy and his grandpa?! Well, 3 trucks were used but were made a whole fleet thanks to computer technology! Holidays are coming folks, there are Coca Cola Trucks everywhere so it must be true!

At last, wanna know how to open a padlock with a coke can?