Chuck Norris Show: How To Make A Proper Split, Van Damme!

Chuck Norris Show is one of the best but. Not so long ago, we showed you a video where the popular action film actor Jean Claude Van Damme made a leg split between two Volvo trucks. Now, we present you a video of how that spilt was supposed to be done in the first place! And who else can demonstrate that in the BEST way possible except Chuck Norris! He is doing it in his own unique way, quoting one of Shakespeare’s most popular play. That’s style, that’s how it is done! But of course, none of this is real, this animation video is just a parody of Van Damme’s epic split. Happy holidays.

Watch now the video where Chuck Norris Shows J.C. Van Damme How To Make A Proper Split! It is really FUNNY! 🙂

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Enjoy the video below!

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