Chrysler ME 4-12 TEST DRIVE @ SRT Track Experience Event!

Ever heard of the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve? How about the SRT Track Experience? There is a great chance you haven`t since it is only a concept car which means it was never mass-produced. Being a concept car doesn`t necessarily mean it`s never going to be mass-produces, but that WAS the case with Chrysler ME 412!

Concept cars are usually made in order to gauge customer reaction and then decide whether to produce it! This particular vehicle`s name is rooted in MID-ENGINE WITH FOUR TURBO CHARGERS ON A TWELVE-CYLINDER ENGINE where M stands for `Mid`, E stands for `Engine, 4 describes the number of turbo chargers and 12 stands for the engine type.

Even though it is not mass-produced, people still had a chance to see this car on some events such as the SRT Track Experience in California that you are about to see in the footage bellow. This vehicle was presented in 2005, 10 years ago and it can definitely still compete with the cars today in categories such as speed and style! Imagine this car 10 years ago, it certainly looked like it was from the future! Don`t wait any longer fellas, check it out!

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