Chevrolet Corvette At NASA Sites With Astronaut Walt Cunningham!

Americans have always been one of a kind nation. So when somebody mentions rockets and Corvettes you immediately think of America, don`t ya? Everybody loves power, speed and high-tech toys, but the Americans…they are addicted to it. So, they thought of something to honor speed, e.t rockets and Corvettes. A voyage to NASA was planned in a brand-new Chevrolet Corvette. They wanted a unforgettable experience so they engaged with EPIC DRIVES on the You Tube channel. Writer St. Antoine engages with Walt Cunningham an astronaut of Apollo Seven, as they jointed and wander throughout some splendid sites of NASA.

The trip begins in Florida, throughout Canaveral Cape, with Cunningham in order to pay a visit to the Space Center of Kennedy. Afterwards, they started their voyage to New Orleans with the Corvette C7, in order to visit the Michoud Assembly of  NASA. Stopping in Antoine, Cunningham and New Orleans paid a visit to an old buddy, who owns five old Vettes. From that point, we are went for a C7 ‘Vette and Corvette Convertible from 1967, featured 427c.i.


The episode finishes in Texas with a voyage to Houston. The two buddies visited the Mission Houston Control center. It`s been 46 years after the first flight to the moon, but the significance of that voyage as well as the inheritance its left on America and on the world, overall is not lessen. The show`s host St. Antoine has always been an admirer of the program about space and good-looking vehicles. Cruising  with Walt Cunningham around the country was a lifelong desire that finally came true. It was more than awesome to get a chance to observe the long time Corvette enthusiast, riding in the cool, brand new Stingray. So brace yourselves and take a look of the video if you wanna experience just a little bit of the excitement and the grand finish of this whole show.

Finally, check out the power packed on this Chevy here!

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