Chevrolet Brought the Noise at 2012 SEMA!

Chevy really did its job at the SEMA show this year. It had an amazing performance with its upgraded models.  One of these models was the magnificent ZL1 Touring Convertible painted in avocado color. However, Chevy paid attention to the less massive models, such as the Sonic B-spec, too.

The performance concept of the V6 Camaro was also amazing taking into consideration its upgraded exhaust system. 2012 COPO Camaro and the COPO convertible had their performance at the show, as well. The models designed by famous people such as the ZL1 designed by Tony Steward and the Corvette designed by Guy Fieri were one of the greatest attractions. And the cherry on the cream was the breathtaking Chevrolet Performance demo boys performance during which visitors were given the opportunity to take a closer look in Chevrolet`s interior!

chevrolet SEMA 2012 4